New Release June 15, 2022


VA policies that resulted in compromised

mental health treatment for America’s Veterans.

Witness the Heroic yet devastating crusade by WHISTLEBLOWER, combat veteran and retired Marine Corps LtCol Ted Blickwedel.

Blickwedel, a VET Center counselor, fought valiantly to protect veterans and counselors from the Veterans Administration’s misguided clinical performance policies—policies which turned patients into numbers and compromised the mental health and welfare of both veterans and the counselors who care for them.

Despite being forced to leave the job he loved counseling his fellow veterans, Blickwedel was determined to expose the tragedy perpetrated by the VA. Defamed, marginalized, and gaslighted and experiencing traumatic near-death health challenges, he marched steadfastly on.

A man of courage, integrity and tireless resolve, Blickwedel epitomizes all that is great in our American heroes.