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“Broken Promises is a must-read for our military echelon, veterans, counselors, families of our veterans, and anyone who understands the value of healing a broken life.”

Veterans, their families, and the counselors who serve them have been neglected by the callous, dispassionate bureaucracy of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Quality mental health care and counselor welfare have been sacrificed and diminished for the sake of numbers in the VA VET Center Program, which has had a devastating impact on our veterans and the clinicians who care for them. Enter Lieutenant Colonel Ted Blickwedel, whose crusade to correct this injustice finally led to congressional legislation being signed into law, holding VA management accountable to protect quality care for veterans and safeguard the well-being of their counselors.

“Tenacious, passionate, focused: Ted is a pit bull. In Broken Promises he gives us a systematic and deeply personal account of going into combat against an unexpected enemy. An enemy that should have been an ally… His story will touch the hearts of all who care about our nation’s veterans.” —Chaplain Mary Washburn, CAPT, USN, Retired

“This is a story of travesty and triumph, of tragedy and hope, of heartlessness and soulfulness... Blickwedel is a rare breed, a standup guy who will gain your trust and respect, then leave you in awe, cheering for his perseverance and indomitable spirit.” —Cynthia Huertas, Wellness Consultant & Biontologist

“Ted Blickwedel is, in fact, a true American hero.” —J. Scott Fox, Retired COO, Voya Financial